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Flood is one of the most common natural disasters that significantly affect our lives, especially of those who live in flood-prone areas. Flood hazards can be local, affecting a small community or locality or very large affecting multiple states or an entire country. The devastating flood in Pakistan had hungry shark world hack cydia destroyed more than half of the economy of the country. The country which was already facing several other crises including terrorism, poverty, corruption, illiteracy, has now hit by another challenge in the form of flood. The 2010 Pakistan floods began in late July 2010 madden mobile hack tool no survey following heavy monsoon rains in the N.W.F.P, Sindh, Punjab and Blochistan regions of Pakistan and affected the Indus River basin. At one point, approximately one fifth of Pakistan’s total land area was underwater.
According to Pakistani government data, the floods directly affected about 20 million people, mostly by destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure, with a death toll of close to 2,000. Current flooding is blamed on unprecedented monsoon rain.
Floods can occur from many different things. First and foremost they come from heavy rains in a specific area over a long period of time. Additionally, the flow of water to creeks, streams, ponds and lakes may not occur fast enough to keep the water from not building up. Heavy and quick snow melting can also cause floods. The ground may be frozen still, not allowing the melting snow and ice to soak into the ground.
Humans contribute too many floods, by changing the landscape, redirect a course of a river, dam a river or dig out new lakes. This affects the way water runs off into bodies of water and the area may flood. Billions of people in Pakistan depend on monsoon rains for agriculture. But this yeah the rain has been unrelenting, cause flash floods and landslides and ultimately causing flood.
Massive floods in Pakistan that have killed up to 2000 people, left 20 million homeless and destroyed crops over an estimated area of more that 1.64 million hectares. What caused floods in Pakistan? While some hold monsoon patterns and heavy rain fall responsible for flush floods, other considers climate change, dame and deforestation as playing the trigger for floods.
Flood also caused the quick crises of fresh vegetables and fruit in the country. A long with the agriculture country’s livestock sector had also faced a huge loss as a large number of animals were perished by flood. Livestock is facing severe feed shortages. Live stock is an invaluable asset to rural families in Pakistan in terms of meat and milk production.
The supporting walls of rivers and canals should be properly maintained to keep the regular flow of water. Flood bunds should be developed and protected and more and more trees should be planted on the bunds to strengthen them.
To conclude it can be said that, Pakistan still has a long way to go to recover some areas of Sindh are still under water and hundreds of thousands of people are still living in temporary campus. Reconstructing the millions of homes, bridges and schools that were destroyed will take years. It needs sincere and selfless devotion on the part of all the people to help the flood victims. It also places a grave responsibility on the all the people to help the flood victims. It also places a grave responsibility of government to take the required measures so that such disaster may not happen in future.
May, God save us all from such kind of disasters. (Ameen)

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