Introductory Marketing Tips For Bankruptcy Law Firms

A lot of consumers have a certain level of mistrust of lawyers and law firms which advertise; if they’re so good at what they do, the reasoning goes, why would they need to promote themselves? However, there are exceptions to this rule hill climb racing hack tool and if you or your firm specialize in representing clients in colorswitchhacks Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, you’ll be glad to know that your practice is one of them, at least as long as you’re reasonably tasteful about your advertising and marketing share this site efforts.
There are many different ways to let potential clients know about your bankruptcy proceeding expertise and your services; if you’d like to get a little bit of a head start in your marketing efforts, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some ideas that can help get the word out about your firm and its services.
Make sure to mention bankruptcy services on your business card:
You’d be surprised how many lawyers forget to list their practice area or areas on their business card. After all, if you see a business card that simply lists “Attorney at Law” or has “Esq.” after the person’s name, it doesn’t tell you anything about what areas of the law that he or she is experienced in. However, by simply including the fact that you can handle Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies on your business card, you’ll be much more likely to receive calls from people who you give your card to. Especially during an economic downturn like we find ourselves in at present, this can be a valuable and very easy to implement marketing strategy.
Leverage the popularity of other websites to drive traffic (read: potential clients) to your site:
You have a website for your practice, right? You can get more clients by raising the profile of your website and there are ways to do this for free as well as with paid advertising. One way is to post ads on popular classified sites like Craigslist; links pointing to your site from popular websites help increase your own site’s ranking in the search engines and the ads themselves can help people to contact your firm directly through your website.
The same principle applies to posting content on high traffic directories like Not only can you place a link so that interested readers who come across your bankruptcy law-related pieces can click through to your firm’s website, you’ll be helping to boost your site’s ranking in search engines, which makes it easier for prospective clients to find you using Google and other major search engines.
Print media:
People have been raving about the decline and impending death of print media for years now, but as you know, your local newspaper is still alive and kicking; try advertising your services there. It won’t allow you to reach every possible potential client in your area, but you may be surprised how wide of a reach these traditional media outlets still have. Given that newspapers and other print media must now compete with web based media, the cost of advertising in local print media is also surprisingly affordable; basically, if your firm brings in one or two new clients as a result, your advertising efforts will have more than paid for themselves.

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