Aigo R5500 – The Consolidation Of Penpaper

Is it Live or is it Memorex?

Recently, the meeting conference of the Amigo digital record pen were held in Hong Guanaco Beijing and both deputy director Mr. Dong Japing and director Wang Yamaha charging the business sector attended the meeting. Really?! Blanchet Wear metal eyewear in Exultation! They made a detail introduction and demonstration about Amigo’s new product, pen recorder R5500. 4 Essential Things that You May not Know about hair straighteners online.

At the beginning of the communication meeting, Mr. Believe it or not, ghd straighteners is My Mother’s Favorite! Dong Japing succinctly cleared the importance of “efficiency”, while click this site the traditional recording pen often spent a lot of time on the treatment at later stage. In order to increase efficiency, the Amigo launched R5500 which can greatly improve the efficiency of the recording pen. It adopts the unique way of combing paper and pen, making the post-processing achieve maximum results with little effort.

Although it is not rare to see the record pen, the Amigo R5500 is distinct from other record pen, that is the combination of the paper and pen. To create the replay technology on the paper. After the end of the recording, clicking the handwriting can guide the pronunciation. Through clicking the icon of dot matrix paper to operate, comparing with the key operation of the common voice recorder, it simplifies the operation extent of the new users. After recording, the handwriting you write can guide pronunciation. You can quickly search the recorder content you need through the handwriting you write, which greatly facilitates the post-processing of recorded content.

Users can record while write down some key points on the paper. When playing back, they just need to click the key point and the recorder will fast play back. It depends on the infrared camera hidden in the rear of this pen to realize the main magic function. The camera collects70 pictures of data per second. Because of this unique performance, AIGO R5500 can achieve many interesting functions, one of which is instrument simulation. As long as you draw nine lines which sealed both the top part and bottom part, so you can operate it like playing musical instrument, say the piano or violin.

However, to achieve the unique functions dragonmanialegendshackcheats of R5500, you must draw and write on its dedicated dot matrix paper. Fortunately, amigo also launched various sizes of kill shot bravo hack online special notebooks for choice and purchase. The voice recorder can also replace the cartridge. It is very practical for the students, layers and other groups.

AIGO R5500 comes with a dedicated USB cradle with which you can connect the computer to transfer data. At the same time, the Amigo R5500 can record the sound through GPS, the customers can upload the text with the audio clip to the internet which can easily deposit and edit your note. Moreover this USB foundation has magnetism which can help recorder pen lock position accurately, the design is very close.

Amigo R5500 is an innovative and practical voice record. Its technical features are more suitable for meeting, study and training and business negotiations and other occasions. It brings great convince for the users.

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