Aigo Recorder Pen Opens Up New Era Of Reform

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On April 8, 2010, the brand leaders of recording pen in the field of peers, the Amigo attended the communication held in Beijing. Top ten Demerits of the popular unisex eyewear at the meeting, the new generation of recorder pen妫?Amigo recorder pen for quick search officially unveiled in front of the media, marking a revolutionary innovation era of recording had arrived. Why the Most Expensive fashion bags for summer are So Queer? Several Moderate Tricks for You to Settle Admirable wedding gowns.

After the president of Amigo Quad Dingdong announced the new business strategy of Amigo, changing its name to Amigo Electronic Science and Technology and showing its senior management team with rich management experience in multinational companies, Amigo Quickly Searching Voice Recorder fully appeared which attracted wide attention again by the inside and outside industry and media. Have a Glance at the Reasons of the Popularity of Pandora beads.

As the leading digital company, amigo electronic and science technology always place the innovative applications and services in the first. To Enjoy Most Optimum full frame glasses in Dublin not only in putting a lot of manpower and resources to develop innovative technologies, also paying close attention to a pragmatic level, strengthening the integration between the leading technology and products & applications. It is under this concept that amigo launched this revolutionary innovative quick recorder product.

As we all know, the recording pen is gradually accepted by all the people with the advantages of easy to carry, clear sound and many other specialized functions, and now it is active in learning, meeting records, law enforcement forensics and other fields. But with more and more audio content, how to quickly share this site organize and find the audio content has become an insurmountable barrier for a lot of recorder products.

According to the responsible person Amigo recorder, the voice recorder launched by Amigo abandoned the traditional ideas of the previous recorders in order to break this bottleneck. And it adopts the idea of innovative combination of paper and pen, with a perfect combination of lattice matching; not only records every word, but also searches the recorded message by quick guide of the playback after the end of the recording. It greatly facilitated the classification for recording content afterwards and led the recording industry into a new era.

To achieve this new recording concept, aigofor the first succeed in including both images and sounds. When recording the sound information, the cartridge specific infrared camera on the back simultaneously capture up to 70 pictures of data per second, recording both the user’s handwriting and recording.

When the recording ended, if users need to find a certain period of recording, they can only click corresponding notes on paper to broadcast the record easily. Making the users really listen to what they dragonmanialegendshackcheats want to listen which place was difficult to achieve in the past, and greatly convenient to select the recording material of facilitate gangstar vegas hack tool inquiries mad organizing and archiving. It also greatly reduced the difficulty for users at the first time to use it and solved the problem that previous audio recorders were difficult to find part of the recording.

In addition, Amigo recorder pen for quick search builds in high capacity lithium battery, so that it can take continuous recording up to 6.5 hours, solving the user’s worries. And in the choice of the microphone, aigo quick recording pen not only has a built-in microphone, but also provides users with high-quality 3D recording headset, making high-quality recording at any time reprise of the original.

As the first released product after Amigo electronic technology renamed , the introduction of Amigo recorder pen for quick search, not only made the public have a new understanding about the “new” “old” brand. But also makes them confident about what Quad Dingdong, the president of Amigo, said, “Keep adhering to ‘China Creating’ entrepreneurial spirit, improve technology of product and solutions, complete the transform from standard set the standard implementers to constitutors”!

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