Air Jordans ?A Word on the Question of Their Affordability

Air Force 1 is undoubtedly the most celebrated basketball shoes amongst a few, perhaps this is the one that has earned the highest degree of recognition. If you are wondering why, here is one of the many reasons; it is celebrated by one of the most hip-hop artists in more than 25 songs dedicated to the shoe and shoe collectors equally well, who have yearned for all the thousands of customizations of Air Force 1.

Now Air Force 1 is celebrating its 25th year even as its fortunes are sliding down notwithstanding a big marketing push. Those who know how Nike positioned Nike Air Jordans and later Air Jordan x Air Force 1 Fusion will not take market analysis a bit. When Air Jordan x Air Force 1 Fusion was introduced, sales for both Air Jordans and Air Force 1 were on a down slide and it was really very innovative of them in fusing together and offer Air Jordan x Air Force 1 Fusion to everyone鎶?dismay.

Well, I have heard of grouses about Air Jordans being expensive and that they spend a fortune on marketing that they aren鎶?affordable by everyone. Yes there check more is some subjective truth in this which coexists with any good product selling like hotcakes. The one thing to see in these comments is that these are all from parents and not from the youngsters that are pulled by the magnetism of Air Jordans and further by Air Jordan x Air Force 1 Fusion. They are right, if you can鎶?wear what you want when you are young, the word affordability looses its meaning. As for me, affordability is not something the marketers decide for an individual but is a position earned by you.

Nike Air Jordan has some really breathtaking designs which, in my opinion, can only get better. I鎶 give an example; if the cost of Air Jordans or Air Jordan x Air Force 1 Fusion is merely a result of marketing expenditures, hiking it on a competing brand X to the level spent by Nike Air Jordan will not justify its quality and price. Secondly, if the margin of profit for Air Jordans isn鎶?significantly greater than Brand X鎶? then you can鎶?have the same yardstick for both. From marketers?actual point of view, advertising budget doesn鎶?have any functionality unless substantial quality difference justifies it.

Air Jordan x Air Force 1 Fusion changed all the customer perception in their favor because Air Force 1 was increasingly getting hard to find on the shelves. On the other hand the demand went on growing for the exotic fusion sneakers; in the beginning it was on the East Coast, then rising continually through out the whole world.

A lady sums it all up nicely. She had promised she would buy her son a pair of Air Jordans at $175 although she couldn鎶?have afforded it easily. She wrote to the legendary player that check here she would want Michael Jordan to get off the movement as she thought it would make the sneakers affordable by thousands more. Hail Air Jordans!

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