Beat Thang Sound Pack Quality: Sounds And Hip Hop Loops

While many music production devices / drum machines do one thing megapolis hack cheats tool really well, Dallas Austin鎶?new mobile music production studio does many things really well, one of which is the quality of its internal sound packs and hip hop loops.

First, the sound pack blows away the competition in terms of quantity.
Sounds alone top 3,000, and when you add in the 500 new beats and hip hop loops designed by partnering company Beat Kangz, you鎶甧 left with 3,500 sound bites with which to build your masterpiece. Moreover, this number of hip hop loops and sounds can be greatly increased with the help of an expansion pack.

Producers?Custom Sound Packs

And who better to produce more sounds for these sound packs than producers themselves? This past summer, Beat Kangz announced their artist series expansion packs, in which artists and producers like Aaron 鎻妑eedom?Lyles (Michael Jackson, Usher, Ultramagnetic MCs), Laylaw (Dr. Dre, Ruthless Records), and DJ III Factor (Justin Timberlake, David Banner) design their own sound packs with hip hop loops specifically for Beat Thang.

How many other drum machines / production devices can say that they have sound packs with hip hop loops designed exclusively for them? And by such high profile producers?

Beat Thang Sound Pack Genre Diversity

But what can all of these sounds and hip hop loops do for you if they鎶甧 all similar? Not as much as if they span across multiple genres, as those present on Beat Thang do. Though Dallas Austin is known primarily for being an R&B and Hip Hop producer, the sounds asphalt 8 airborne cheats available on Beat Thang are not geared only towards those two genres, and not all loops are hip hop loops.

Predominantly electronic genres like techno, house, and dub step are also built off music loops, so the fact read more the beat Thang is loaded with hip hop loops and more electronic sound loops for those genres as well goes a long way in aiding these types of producers when they鎶甧 constructing their songs.

Beat Thang Sound Pack Audio Quality

As for the audio quality of these sounds and hip hop loops, well that鎶?a highlight too. And for the price being charged for the Beat Thang, it better be. Music Radar had this to say about the Beat Thang sound pack:

鎻ll EQ’d and with carefully controlled dynamics and low-end weight, you can construct kits using samples from the library almost at random and still expect them to sit well together without the need for any additional processing. Samples can be layered on the pads, too – up to 16 deep, with velocity ranges for each (they can overlap, if you want to stack them up).?br />
It鎶?often said that you get what you pay for, and Beat Thang comes through here in that sense. No sounds are overly compressed, and with audio quality still being of much importance to hip hop producers, you鎶?be smart to produce on the platform that offers the best sounding sound pack library of sounds and electronic / hip hop loops.

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