Educational Technology Management

Educational technology is seen as a tool that would enhance student achievement. However, planning for the program is head soccer cheats hack tool problematic for urban staff, as power struggles continue among shareholders. Redefining leadership to equally include all shareholders would rectify struggles among shareholders. Technology is seen as an instrument that fixes all. Very little credit is given to the driving force behind successful implementation of the program, which is the collection of individuals, such as administrators, teachers, students, parents and community members. Leadership should not be designated for one individual. Rather, it should be present within the community of individuals.

Collective input and experience from stakeholders can positively influence outcomes. Allowing stakeholders leadership roles in their construction of meaningful subway surfers hack online goals will foster research teams, learning groups and/or planning groups. Preconceived notions and hindrance of trust will also be avoided. Staying within 鈥渢he box” is not an option. Participants were encouraged to find outside and inside sources that would help shape visions and goals.

Simply installing technology and making elaborate plans are not sufficient enough to successfully implement educational technology. Creating resourceful partners and stakeholders through best practices alters the culture of the learning environment. Adequate training for stakeholders includes making connections between teaching strategies and elements of technology. To keep the two isolated would not xboxlivecodegeneratoronline be productive for teachers to use technology to effectively convey information to learners.

The Bronx Superintendents’ Forum recognizes that effective implementation of educational technology is an ongoing process that includes strategic planning and meaningful professional development. Much of the forum’s success is attributed to participants sharing information. Acknowledging and addressing the change in leadership roles includes more in the process of implementing educational technology. More participants means the exchange of more expertise to influence student achievement.

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