Fixing The Middle Age Spread With Strength Training

The increasing accumulation of body fat around the waist area that is called the middle age spread is not an inevitable part of getting older. It has more to do with our activity levels (or lack of them) that encourages this fat storage area to expand.

The shift of midlife weight gain actually begins in our 20’s – 30’s and once we get past 40 years it kicks into gear at a faster rate. As we get less and less active our muscle tissue begins to decrease. With this decrease comes a drop in the rate the body burns fuel called the metabolic rate. This decrease means that your body’s engine has lost some of its power and has become smaller.

This not only allows body fat to sneak into places where firm active muscle tissue used to live but it exposes one to a host of health problems and metabolic disorders that can end up as chronic degenerative disease in the later (sometimes traffic racer cheats ios sooner) years.

Losing this precious muscle tissue and gaining body fat is a major factor in causing us to age prematurely taking a toll on health in many ways as muscle is not just about body strength but an important part of other body systems. To stop a slowing metabolism in its tracks, you simply must restore your lost muscle, rev up your “body’s natural engine” and then maintain it for the rest of your life.

From a health standpoint increasing strength helps to diep io hack online increase or maintain muscle and a higher resting metabolic rate, promotes weight loss and maintenance, lessons the risk of injury, prevents osteoporosis, reduces chronic low back pain, reduces arthritic pain, improves cholesterol levels, promotes physiological well-being and helps lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.

The most traditional and effective metabolism enhancer is strength training exercise and can boost your metabolic rate up to ten percent. Metabolism is the secret for a genuine loss of unwanted body fat. The great thing about metabolism is it is a continuous process that works even if you’re sleeping.

No other type of exercise will give the increase in metabolism that proper strength training will give. Forget long duration, low intensity type recreational activities such as walking, jogging, rowing, etc. These activities may be enjoyable to do but are not intense enough to stimulate the hormones necessary to increase your metabolic rate.

If you are unfamiliar with this type of exercise it is important that you learn the skills necessary to enable you to get the most out of your program. A Fitness Professional is the person to see and can be found at your local gym or fitness center. They will assist not only in setting up the program but teaching you to do the exercises correctly and safely.

Consider the learning curve involved in forming this new habit as part of looking after yourself; call it your self care. Incorporating strength training exercise into your lifestyle is important not only for losing the middle age spread but for laying the basis for good health, abundant energy and the benefits will flow into every area of your life.

Not only can the addition of a proper exercise program fight the slowing down of your metabolism, it can also keep you younger for longer and prevent health problems both now and later.

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