Games for Kids to Play at Camp

A stayaway camp’s environment will give your children the necessary space to get active and toss their video games check more to the side for a while. Kids get what they need to grow physically at camp through fresh air and exercise, according to family therapist Michael Ungar, writing for Psychology Today. Different types of games are part of the everyday agenda at camp for your children to have fun and stay healthy.

Race to the Finish Line

A wideopen field gives campers the ideal opportunity to compete in relay races. Campers can work in divided equal teams. Each team must get all its members through a certain task the fastest, such as a flag relay. Place two buckets, filled with flags mounted in sand, at the finish line. On the word “Go,” the first kid on each team runs to his team’s bucket, plucks a flag out and runs back to tag the next team member to continue the same process. The first team to get all its members through the relay the fastest wins the game. The classic potato sack race is another option. Campers on each team must hop in a potato sack to the finish line and then walk back to transfer the sack to the next teammate.

Explore the Earth

A scavenger hunt helps kids connect with nature while they are attending camp, providing them with a fun way to help them identify natural objects. Provided checklists assist campers, growtopia hack online individually or in teams, with finding specific items on a nature hike. Clues provide helpful hints to describe the items to find, such as “something round and brown” for an acorn. Kids can collect items in paper bags. Or, provide cameras for the campers to simply snap pictures of items instead. A timed hunt makes the hunt more of a challenge for older children. The first camper or team who correctly finds all the required items is the winner.

Wet and Wild Fun

Water games allow the campers to cool off in the scorching summer temperatures. The campers can sit in a circle in the grass and participate in a waterthemed “Hot Potato” game. Fill a balloon with water and hand it to one of the campers. Play random music as the kids pass the balloon around a circle. The camper holding the balloon when the music stops gets to burst the balloon over another camper’s head and is eliminated from the game. Play the game continuously until one camper is left. For an active water game, campers can play wet volleyball. Divide campers into teams and instruct them to use a beach towel to successfully launch a water balloon across a net for points.

Tag, You’re It!

Campers have plenty of room at camp to run after each other in a tag game. One camper is designated as “It” and attempts to tag any other campers in his reach. The other campers are only safe from “It” if they are touching a tree when tagged. When “It” successfully tags someone, that camper becomes “It.” In a different variation of the tag game, all the campers are declared “It.” Campers must try to tag others and avoid being tagged in the process. When a camper is tagged, he must sit down on the ground. If two campers tag each other at the same time, they both must sit down. Continue the game until there is only one animal jam hack camper remaining.

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