Marseille – A Gorgeous French Seaside Hideaway

It’s common knowledge that France is a popular destination for vacations. It’s beautiful, full of culture, and home to some amazing places. Marseille is one of these places. Just behind Paris as the the second most populated city in the country, Marseille is definitely metropolitan, but with an unique cultural twist. All sorts of nationalities can be found in the city. Before you take your trip to Marseille, you will have to get a passport. However, for the people who have passports that are simply expired, an United States online passport renewal is your next line of action.

Most of the time, the thought of having to go through the passport application process gives people a mini panic attack. Not only are you forced to drive all over town, wait in long lines, fill out the application, round up all the other documents you need, submit it all, and then wait for weeks or even months until you finally receive your passport. However, the process is no able to be completed online, where it is quick and painless. All sorts of services can be used online depending on what sort of situation you are in with your current passport, even an emergency babies passport renewal.

Marseille is one of the oldest cities in the entire continent of Europe, and visiting the city will show you just how abundant this history is. The first people to settle the area were the Phoceans who arrived around 600 BC. Since then, the city has grown into the one we know today. Of course museums are a great place to start if you have an interest in history, but the thing about Marseille is, the history is absolutely everywhere. You this website don’t need to go into a museum to live it all. Notre Dame de la Garde is a great place to experience it. This huge combination cathedral-fortress sits at the top of a huge hill overlooking the entire city of Marseille. This spot holds special reverence among sailors, and some say it has served as a look-out since prehistoric times.

Vieux-Port, or the Old Port, is considered to be a perfect spot to start your exploring in Marseille. This hub of activity displays a lot of the history Marseille is famous for, as well as being a great example of the culture of this region. Be sure to stop for a light meal at one of the cafes alongside the sea and breath in the sea air. Two fortresses – Fort St. Nicolas and Fort St. Jean check here – are located on either side of the harbor. A shopping trip at Noailles is a must as well, as it features many Arabic and Indo-Chinese shops that give it the feel of a bazaar. La Plaine is another throne rush cheats tool great spot to visit with its old book shops, cozy cafes, and old fountains.

Marseille is also a very beautiful natural sort of place. The Calanques are a stunning natural formation of seaside fjords overlooking the ocean. They are white because of their limestone composition, and the scenery is absolutely stunning. Also be sure to take a boat ride or even a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, as it is definitely beautiful.

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