An. Quimioluminiscencia CL-900i

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  • Automatizado de Quimioluminiscencia
  • El tamaño ideal para Tu Laboratorio
  • 180 pruebas por hora
  • Capacidad: 50 muestras y 15 reactivos
  • Reactivos: 50 pruebas o 100 pruebas
  • Libre de mantenimiento



Chemiluminescence Immunoassay system

Technical Specifications


General Information

Throughput Up to 180 tests/hour

Measurement Principle

Micron superparamagnetic particles platform With alkaline phosphatase (ALP) labeled reagents And AMPPD substrate


Sample Assembly

Sample Feeder  – Continuous sample loading and offloading

Sample positions – 50

Sample Probe – Steel probe, liquid level detection, clot detection, Horizontal and vertical collision protection

Sample Volume – 10~200ul, with increment of 1ul

Sample Dilution – Automatic dilution with 1:2~1:40

Reagent Assembly

Reagent Disk – 15 reagent positions, continuous loading, real-time mixing for magnetic particles

Cooling System – 2~8 °C

Reagent Pack – 50 tests/pack, 100 tests/pack

Reagent Scanning – Built-in/External bar code reader

Reagent Probe – Steel probe, liquid level detection, clot detection, Horizontal and vertical collision protection

Reagent Volume – 10~200ul, with increment of 1ul

Substrate System

Substrate Bottle – 300/500 tests per bottle, bottom piercing

Substrate Loading – Capable of continuous loading during testing

Substrate Heating – Constant heating

Aspiration Volume – 200ul

Magnetic separation unit

Separation Assembly – 3-phase magnetic separation

Temperature – Accuracy: 37±0.3 °C


Measurement and Reaction System

Detection Mode – Photon counting

Signal Detector – Photomultiplier (PMT) photo counter
PMT Calibration – LED reference module

Incubation positions – 82

Temperature – Accuracy: 37±0.3 °C

Mixing Unit – Non-touch vortexer mixing

Cuvette Loading and Waste Collection

Cuvette – Disposable plastic cuvette
Cuvette Loading – 88 cuvettes per tray, 2 trays can be loaded in one batch, continuous loading and offloading

Waste collection – Waste container, 200 cuvettes per box


Working conditions

Power Supply – 100-240V~50/60Hz
Input Power – 500VA
Operating Temperature – 15~30 °C

Relative Humidity – 35%RH~85%RH, without condensation

Dimension – 860mm*740mm*560mm (W*D*H)
Weight – 132Kg
Altitude Height – -400m~3000m (70kpa)



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